Thunder’s Jamie Foy Hunts For Spots With Gage Boyle

Thunder‘s Jamie Foy is a reel skater’s skater. We were hooked since we first saw him pinch his first front crooks, and today he’s still throwing down lines (by hook and by crook). In his latest video for the brand, Foy rolls with teammate Gage Boyle on the search for the best spots. You might say that it’s a fishing expedition, but sometimes you gotta put a lot of hooks in the water to get results. Watch the video (directed by Tom Karangelov), above, and then read one of our early interviews with Foy here.

While we can’t really say that we “discovered” Foy, we certainly got in on the ground floor: The Berrics filmed numerous projects with him before he essentially became a household name, eventually nabbing a spot on Team U.S.A. as an Olympic hopeful. Watch some of these videos, below:

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