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What you are about to watch may be the last full-length Tim and Eric part for Roger Skateboards… not because they are cashing in on some big corpo sponsorships and getting fat (well, maybe getting fat), but because dorking around on your skateboard is hard work. You think it’s hard finding that perfect handrail? Well think about how hard it is to find a spot that isn’t really a spot and then think of a way to wiggle around it and make your board do something and then land on it with some part of your body. These dudes have spoiled filming skateboarding for me, the standard stuff is just so boring. It’s cool that little Jimmy grinded a triple kinked rail into the roll in of the megaramp, but I’d rather laugh and watch them try and throw their board into a crack for an hour. They’re on a mission to have fun and get weird, and they always nail it. When we first got together to film for a local video I would have laughed in your face if you told me a buttload of teenagers would be watching them skateboarding on the internet and they’d have a board with their name on it. It’s awesome what having fun will get you. â€â€Nate Joski, filmer/editor of Tim & Eric’s Cool Secrets

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