Watch Filmer Tim Fulton’s 2019 REAL Skateboards’ Compilation Here

As a videographer for Deluxe Distribution, Tim Fulton has to be ready to squeeze into a packed van at a moment’s notice. His down and dirty workload requires him to sometimes pack an arsenal of heavy duty machinery—even a beastly RED camera—from time to time. During the course of a year, Fulton amasses a full ton of footage.

In “The Fulton Files Vol. 1,” REAL Skateboards gives you an idea of his output for 2019 so far (albeit just the iPhone stuff) and it’s impressive. We’ve known Fulton for about a decade now, back when he was filming clips of a teenage Jack Olson at our Westchester park, and it’s evident that he has honed his craft like a true professional videographer. Nice work, Fulton!

Check out some of our work with the REAL team over the years, below:

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