‘Tis The Season For Snowskating

A little snow shouldn’t stop you from skating—just look at Dave Engerer. For his latest part, he took off the training wheels—actually he took all the wheels—and hit the slopes, and rails, and everything else. When we watched his Ambition Snowskates ‘Sola Fida’ part (above), it was clear that this snow man has snow balls.

Established in 2004, Canada’s Ambition Snowskates is committed to the progression and innovation of snowskating. Every season, the brand’s premium snowskates take their classic team construction one step further with full bottom graphics and top-concave for enhanced board control and feel. Designed by Ambition’s pro riders, the boards are top-of-the-line snowskates, offered in signature shapes and sizes to fit all riding styles.

Bundle up: If you’re lucky it’ll be a very cold winter. Check out recent Ambition’s ‘Gazpacho’ video, filmed in Quebec, below:

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