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TITUS Skateboards Presents ‘Pacman’

During the early months of 2023, the TITUS Skateboards crew embarked on an journey to the Netherlands, a land known for its picturesque grachts, bustling harbors, and hidden spots nestled amidst cobblestone streets and charming coffee shops, guided by TITUS pro and local expert, Jelle Maatman, as they ventured through The Hague and Rotterdam. In addition to the seasoned team riders, up-and-coming talent Jesse Kloes (aka Pacman) joined the crew for the very first time, earning his stripes under the guide of the entire team. Much like PACMAN eating up pellets in his maze, the TITUS team gobbled up every spot they could get their hands (and wheels) on.

Watch TITUS Skateboards ‘PACMAN’, filmed and edited by Dennis Ludwig, above!

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