TJ Rogers Builds—Then Destroys—His Bench In OC Ramps’ Latest Video

TJ Rogers held the title of Battle Commander at The Berrics in 2019, and he fully took control of every aspect of his inauguration. In preparation for filming for his video, which aired in February, Rogers worked closely with OC Ramps (he’s a team rider) to plan which obstacles to use, and concocted his own centerpiece—a circular manny pad that bisects into two angle-ironed ledges. He even painted it all gold himself (so that’s why he showed up at the park looking like Goldmember…). In this video from OC Ramps, you’ll see the master at work, building (and then destroying) an updated version of his 2019 Battle Commander bench—watch it above!

Rogers has been one of our favorite skaters for years, and he has been working with us closely since 2013. Watch a handful of his Berrics projects below:

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