TJ Rogers Reveals Testicular Cancer Diagnosis


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TJ Rogers, who held the title of Battle Commander at The Berrics in 2019 and currently reigns as our Top Squid, announced via Instagram that he has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. He is currently on the second of four rounds of chemotherapy (he was given the diagnosis in January). Watch his very personal video about his condition, above; it must have been hella hard to share that with everyone, so please leave a comment for TJ to let him know you’ve got his back!

It feels like a punch in the gut to learn that one of our closest friends is going through something this gnarly, but we know that TJ will kick cancer’s ass. He is a fuckin’ Red Dragon after all. Hold your head, TJ!

TJ has been working with us closely since 2013. Watch a handful of his Berrics projects below:

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