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TJ Rogers Visits ‘The Nine Club’ For Latest Episode

‘The Nine Club’ crossed the 200-episode threshold today with a lively interview featuring 2019 Battle Commander TJ Rogers. He talks about what it was like to grow up in Canada; getting shop sponsored at 13; moving to a new city, and living in foster care; skating contests before he became Am; getting on Blueprint Skateboards (Canada); sending a sponsor-me tape to Blind, and eventually becoming Pro; coming to California for his first time, and going to El Toro; hosting a yearly contest in his hometown for the young local skaters; the vibe with ketchup chips; finally moving to Cali; getting on eS Footwear; how he got on Red Bull; working on his new shoe colorway; and filming a new Red Bull series documenting a cross-country trip through Canada. (Not bad, eh?) Check out the nearly 3-hour interview, above, and stay tuned for Rogers’s ‘Berrics Gaming Show’ episode!

(For the record, we love ketchup-flavored potato chips. And all-dressed chips are pretty bomb, too.)

Rogers has been one of our favorite skaters for years, and he has been working with us closely since 2013. Watch a handful of his Berrics projects below:

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