Tokyo Olympics: Yuto Horigome & Momiji Nishiya Win Gold

The Olympics held its first two skateboarding events over the weekend, Men’s and Women’s Street, and let’s just say the whole world watched. Leading up to the debut, news outlets offered quick primers on skate lingo and introduced the casual sports fan to some of our most beloved stars via interviews and profiles. Then, Angelo Caro made international news by racking his nuts during prelims. “Man, that’s gotta hurt!” Maybe now we’ll get some respect. (Don’t forget to ice that shit, A-dog!)

In a poetic turn of events, the podium was headed by local skaters Yuto Horigome and Momiji Nishiya. After everything Tokyo has endured with the Olympic postponement, it was rad to see Team Japan come through for the gold. The triumphant, perfect ending was like something straight out of a manga, except that Yuto isn’t on a mission to eat twenty cursed fingers in order to save the world—and Momiji doesn’t turn into a boy every time she touches water. Congrats!

The Park events begin August 3. For last weekend’s results, and to check out some of Yuto’s diverse work with us, see below:

Men’s Street Gold: Yuto Horigome (Japan), 37.18

Men’s Street Silver: Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil), 36.15

Men’s Street Bronze: Jagger ‘On The Run’ Eaton (United States), 35.35

Men’s Street 4th: Vincent Milou (France), 34.14

Men’s Street 5th: Angelo Caro Narvaez (Peru), 32.87

Women’s Street Gold: Momiji Nishiya, Japan (15.26)

Women’s Street Silver: Rayssa Leal, Brazil (14.64)

Women’s Street Bronze: Funa Nakayama, Japan (14.49)

Women’s Street 4th: Alexis Sablone, United States (13.57)

Women’s Street 5th: Roos Zwetsloot, Netherlands (11.26)

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