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Tom Asta Shares Tips to Flipping Into Grinds and Slides

Longtime Berrics favorite Tom Asta has been steady cranking out content for his YouTube Channel. In his latest video, Asta shares his tricks and tips to flipping into slides and grinds. Asta encourages you to take it slow and have kickflips/heelflips DIALED before trying to flip into a ledge or rail. Start small and work your way up! As he says, “This type of skating is DIFFICULT, everyone learns at their own pace! Take your time, PRACTICE and be PATIENT!” Check out the full video to take your ledge game to the next level, and make sure to give his Channel a follow for more content in the future!

Asta has been involved with The Berrics for over ten years, filming dozens upon dozens of projects with us including several Bangins, a handful of BATB series, and 2Up. Check out some of his work below:

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