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Tom Asta Works on Kickflip Front Crooks in YouTube Series “On Lock”

Longtime Berrics favorite Tom Asta has been steady cranking out content for his YouTube Channel. The latest video, a part of his ongoing “ON LOCK” series (not to be confused with The Berrics ON LOCK), focuses on kickflip frontside crooked grinds as he attempts to get one down his local parks handrail to see if he has the trick “On lock.” Now, Tom is not your typical YouTuber, but he has been getting more and more comfortable walking us through his process and it’s eye opening to see the way he skates when he’s the only one around to push himself. Not to mention it’s quite visually appealing to watch this man kickflip front crook… or do anything for that matter. Check out the full video above, and make sure to give his Channel a follow for more content in the future!

Asta has been involved with The Berrics for over ten years, filming dozens upon dozens of projects with us including several Bangins, a handful of BATB series, and 2Up. Check out some of his work below:

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