At age 12, Tom Schaar landed skateboarding’s first 1080—it was a career defining trick that gained Schaar international attention. Unfortunately, in skateboarding, there was a lingering stigma about being labeled an ‘air baby’ (a transparently envious term bestowed on young skaters who display big balls).

Since, Schaar has proven himself to be more than a one-trick-wonder. From video parts for Element Skateboards in backyard pools to dominating the Vans Park Series Pro Tour, Schaar has shown he’s able to adapt to any terrain. In this Rider Profile Vans visits Schaar’s house in San Diego, California, to discuss his career and his goals for the future, and to follow him on a filming session at Washington Street skatepark with his friend—and filmer—Chris Gregson.

Vans Park Series hits Sweden for its second-to-last stop this weekend.

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