Zero’s Tommy Sandoval Is Hurting And Needs Your Help

Zero's Tommy Sandoval Is Hurting And Needs Your Help

2014 Battle Commander Tommy ‘Gunz’ Sandoval is injured and will need surgery. The problem is, he doesn’t have the money to pay for it… but you can help: Donate at Sandoval’s GoFundMe page here. Read below for his description of the injury and how he plans to spend any donations. Get better soon, Tommy!
“Hi, my name is Tommy Sandoval. I am a professional skateboarder, and I am making this fundraiser in order to raise funds for a pending surgery and all of the financial hardships that will come afterwards. As a professional skater, my job is very high risk, and injury is almost inevitable. While filming for a new video part, I injured my knee, tore my meniscus, and I’m going to need minor surgery to repair it. I will also require physical therapy after the surgery and will be out of work for a few months until I get back on my board and get back to business.
“Unfortunately, I have to pay out of pocket for the surgery and physical therapy, creating a financial hardship for our family. I hope to raise funds to help us take care of the surgery and recovery, as well as any other financial difficulties related to our monthly needs while I am off work.
“Your contributions and donations are greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed! I plan to return the favor to anyone and everyone that helps us along the way in any way I can to let everybody know we are truly grateful and appreciate your generosity.”
Sandoval has worked on many projects with us at The Berrics over the years. Check out a few of his videos—including his ‘Battle Scars’ episode—below:

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