‘Tom’s Tutorials’ Channel Launches Subscriptions

When he isn’t making his eyeballs bleed while staring at Photoshop, full-time Berrics graphic design slave Tom Rohrer is teaching all of you (soon to be) good folks how to do tricks. (You could learn a lot from a Tommy.) His Tom’s Tutorials channel has been going off lately—he’s got 16 essential how-to videos uploaded so far—and at least some of those views are from Berrics office employees who are trying to get the sauce… so we can actually stand a chance against him in S.K.A.T.E. someday.

Rohrer has just launched Instagram Subscriptions on his @toms_tutorials Instagram account, where skaters can subscribe to get the most out of the channel, like:
  • Live trick request videos (Rohrer will do tricks live as his subscribers request them… what a show-off)
  • Direct answers (messages) to trick tip questions (acting like a personal skate coach, but don’t hesitate to throw him a few relationship-advice curveballs too)
  • Sharing Tom’s Tutorials’ users progress videos on the story of his main account
  • Filming tricks in slow motion that the subscribers request
  • plus a lot more perks in the works!

Check out the Tom’s Tutorials subscription & giveaway announcement, above. Great work, Tom!

Now get back to work like the rest of these suckers.

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