Tony Hawk Analyzes Movie Skate Scenes For ‘GQ Sports’ Feature

Where does Tony Hawk find the time? The real (and reel) legend continues his post-Battle Commander publicity blitz with an insightful look at how skateboarding has been utilized in movies for the GQ Sports YouTube channel. Spoiler alert: Most directors don’t skate. And, famous for his 900, the Birdman is the king of turnaround.

Hawk delves deep into the intricacies of scenes from the movies Back To The Future II, Grind, Gleaming The Cube (what does that even mean? Find out here), The Amazing Spider Man, Police Academy 4, Daddy’s Home, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and more. This feature is 33 minutes long, so settle in with a bucket of popcorn and silence your phones.

The event of last summer was undoubtedly Tony Hawk Week, but if you missed it you can still check out all the videos (plus Hawk’s “Do a Kickflip!” which he himself does in the Wired video… so meta) below.

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