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Tony Hawk Revealed As Elephant On Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’

Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room… and then watch that Elephant do a 900. Fox’s hit masked-singing competition The Masked Singer, now in its third season, has revealed who the famously non-singing singer is behind the Elephant mask (and it will knock you on your trunk): our Battle Commander Tony Hawk. (We thought it was Mike V.) That’s right. Tony ‘Do a Kickflip!’ Hawk was the most recent contestant to leave the show, after performing a song by The Cure. Well, we have a fever and the only cure for us is more Tony Hawk, so…

…Check out the event of last summer: Tony Hawk Week! If you missed it you can still watch all of the videos (plus Hawk’s “Do a Kickflip!” which gives all of us elephantitis of the kickflip) below.

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