TONY HAWK — Route One Interview

Next year, Tony Hawk turns 50. The level of skating that he’s producing at his age pushes the boundaries of what people thought was possible. He just released a new video part in Birdhouse’s Saturdays, and he’s been consistently putting out new footage online leading up to that. In his new interview with Route One, Tony reveals his secret to longevity.

“I wouldn’t say that I have a fountain of youth. But I think what has kept me young is my consistent skating. That’s my only secret. People ask me if I do yoga, stretch, or do other sports. I don’t. I probably should. But I only just skate. And I skate so regularly that I never really lost a step.”

Watch the full interview above. The bit about longevity starts at 0:26.

Text Yoself | With Tony Hawk

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