Tony Hawk Skates For Vans

Tony Hawk, The Berrics’ Battle Commander, has left Lakai for Vans. As the most recognizable figure in skateboarding, Hawk joins the team as a global ambassador and will play a major role in promoting skateboarding as a positive force in the world. (Vans announced the news this morning.)

Hawk’s first pair of skate shoes were Vans and, at 51 years old, he knows better than anyone how important that first pair of shoes can be—a great early experience could translate to a lifelong commitment to skateboarding. “My dad bought me a pair [in 1978] and I begged him for the ‘ankle guard’ accessory because high-tops weren’t available yet,” Hawk says. “I wore Vans almost exclusively until the mid ‘80s.”

Hawk will partner with the brand to promote Vans’ global brand platforms, including his continued involvement as a color commentator in the Vans Park Series, in addition to producing a brand-new professional Vert skateboarding competition.

The event of last summer was without a doubt Tony Hawk Week. If you missed it you can still watch all of the videos, plus Hawk’s ‘Do a Kickflip!’ and today’s ‘How To Skate In a Pandemic, below. (And shop our selection of Vans in The Canteen!)

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