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Tony Hawk Visits The Nine Club For Latest ‘Stop And Chat’

Chris Roberts and The Nine Club recently caught up with Tony Hawk—a man who needs no introduction—for the latest edition of ‘Stop And Chat,’ following up on his June 2018 in-studio interview. They talk about how he started the Tony Hawk Foundation with the winnings from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire; raising money with Steve-O by signing 12,000 photos; what was behind the move to skate for Vans Shoes; doing a McTwist with a glass of milk; why he wanted to do the 900 again at 48 years old; what it was like skating in zero-gravity with Aaron Homoki; how the idea for the spiral loop came about; and being on B-Real and Joe Rogan’s podcasts to promote skateboarding.

Watch some of Hawk’s projects over the years with The Berrics, including videos from our 2019 ‘Tony Hawk Week’ event, below:

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