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29: WEEKENDTAGE – THE TV EPISODE — Top 50 Countdown

Grant Yansura’s "Weekendtage" series excelled at tapping into the zeitgeist. His “Television” 2-parter was a great example of this. At the time, the TV industry (and media in general) was experiencing an explosion of reality-based programming—a trend that continues today. Unsurprisingly—in the rare occurence skaters were represented—the treatment of skateboarding would typically verge on the sensational. But what if we, the skaters, took over the control booth? Would we see 24 hours of high-ollie challenges? Fuck no. Grant imagines what a broadcast would look like if skateboarders were the target demo. It may offend, but please: don’t send us letters.

Check out part 2 of Weekendtage: Television here.

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