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Torey Pudwill gives us an inside look at the Thank You Vault

Torey Pudwill is known for his neck-high kickflips and long-haul backside tailslides, but he one of the hardest working dudes off the board as well. Torey takes us inside the Thank You vault for a rare look at some incredible artwork… or otherwise known as skateboard decks. Through stacks and stacks of one-offs, prototypes, misprints, special edition foils, experiments, and collectibles, (including the board he made for his very own Battle Scars episode) we get to see all of Torey’s incredible work and hear a little bit about the process he goes through to make these pieces of art. All we can say is, Thank You, Torey… Thank You.

Check out some of Pudwill’s work with The Berrics, dating back to 2010, below:

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