Toronto Police Used Social Media To Track Down Three Skaters

Police in Toronto, Canada, have managed to track down three skaters who used a Gardiner Expressway offramp as their own private driveway recently, and they used social media to get their men. The video of the high-speed sesh (which happened Friday night) was posted to the 6ixdriptv account on TikTok, and the cops cleverly followed the breadcrumbs which led to $110 (CND) fines for the trio of Canadian bad boys, CPTV reported yesterday.

“Skateboards are treated as toys…”

The skaters were ticketed for “skateboarding on a prohibited highway — contrary to Toronto by-law 950-300E(2).” But police constable David Hopkinson didn’t leave it at that—he had one final insult to share with skaters all over the world: “Skateboards are treated as toys so anybody on a skateboard is treated as a pedestrian”… Snap, eh? Watch the video of the “crime” above.

Skating on empty freeways during a pandemic? Could it be that these gnar-bors up north were inspired by Russell Houghten’s winning 2014 REDirect video, ‘Urban Isolation’? The videographer’s stunning entry resurfaced recently, and became a viral hit yet again as it was shared by thousands. But take 6ixdriptv’s Toronto woes as a warning: always cover your tracks… and obey the posted speed limits.

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