‘Trapped’ Is a Visual Portrait Of London’s Southbank

Southbank—London’s storied, well-lighted spot for tricks—has had a tumultuous few years. The world-famous location was recently saved from certain destruction thanks to a 50,000 pound donation from Supreme, a 200,000 pound charitable grant from London Marathon Charitable Trust, and the tireless work (since 2013) of Long Live Southbank. Filmer Chris Komodromos has been documenting the scene at Southbank for years, and his latest video captures the timeless vibe of the spot perfectly.

Komodromos says: “The project took me about 2 years to make. The idea is to showcase the local scene and skaters at Southbank that don’t usually get filmed as much! It is supported by SB Skateshop and is all filmed on VX1000. It started out just me filming a few friends which then turned into a proper scene video…”

Watch Trapped above!

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