Trent McClung Is a Control Freak For Mob Grip

Trent McClung is a control freak. There, we said it (somebody had to). For over a decade he has been rolling through The Berrics demanding that his skateboard do things smoothly as fuck… and to be honest it’s frankly quite disgusting how he treats his Mob griptape, too. He peels it off—OUCH!—slaps it on, spanks it down, and trims away the edges… wham, bam, thank you McMa’am. Does the griptape get a fun little design, or a jaunty gap between the edge of the board and the grip (aka East Coast-style)? No. And, to top it all off, he stomps all of his tricks on to the bolts! Right there, where he has already punctured the poor unassuming grip—at least 4 to 8 times. Talk about adding insult to injury: this gritty griptape has it rough.

McClung (one-third of the world-famous Flying McClungs) has filmed with us since 2011—here’s a sample of his Berrics gems, along with a little sibling rivalry, below:

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