‘True Skate’ Launches Master Class Video Series

The True Axis True Skate YouTube channel has launched a video series that teaches you everything from the basics to the most advanced True Skate gameplay. So far there have been five episodes, with super helpful tutorials that will help you master all the subtle nuances and finger-flicking basics of this ultimate sim.

As we reported last month, True Skate Version 1.5.31 lets you enable the full character for the first time! Connect your mobile device to the TV (Via HDMI, Apple TV or AirPlay—currently available on iOS only) and activate the new Landscape Mode where you can play with your mobile device or gamepad/controller (literally a game changer)! The game update also introduces new physics (1.9) with new performance boards in the shop. Download True Skate for iOS here.

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Read more about True Skate in True Axis’s press release, below:

Just like real world skateboarding, True Skate is fun for anyone to pick up and play, but it’s hard! It takes practice, progression, dedication and an understanding of skateboarding physics. Players increase skill in True Skate by getting a feeling for the physics, rather than learning gestures or button combos. But once you gain the right skills in True Skate, if you can dream it, you can do it!

True Skate launched in 2012 and quickly became the ultimate skateboarding sim due to the natural control and freedom provided by True Axis’ custom-built real world unified physics simulation system.

The True Axis unified physics system provides a full analytical geometry suite collision detection of the environment, enabling true collision, which is evident when looking at how the board collides with rails, ramps and other skateable objects. 

The True Axis unified physics system enables players to accurately control the speed and movement of a skateboard in real time, at any part of the board, and at any point in time, letting you feel its weight. The player’s interaction with the skateboard is driven entirely by the True Axis unified physics system.

The evolution of True Skate continues with the introduction of real time Gamepad controls and a full character/skateboarder, that creates a new paradigm for skateboarding games by removing the need for gesture detection and pre-canned animations. 

True Control means interacting directly with the skateboard at any time, for it to instantly react, physically, in the way that you would expect, so what trick you can do is limited to your skill and imagination. (Rather then having to pre learn what gesture to make or button to press at any particular time)

The True Axis unified physics system listens for swipe, position, direction, strength and timing from the player and processes how the board should respond in real time. So the same swipe in two different points of the board will react very differently, just like swiping your foot in real life on different points of the board will react very differently.

There are no limits on when or how you interact, so late flips are possible, or a late adjustment can even turn a mistake into a moment of creative genius! 

Weight distribution and accuracy are key to pulling grinds and slides. Subtle changes in weight distribution enable carving, pumping, kick turns, reverts, slash grinds, and effortless transition between street and vert styles.

True Axis unified physics system engages the board to move it exactly how you want in real time, so treat your fingers as though they were your feet when using a touch screen. Or use a gamepad where foot and stick feel connected – whether pushing, popping, flipping or grinding. Literally any trick is possible, giving players complete real time control of the board. If you know how to do a trick in real life skateboarding you could guess how to do a trick in True Skate.

True Control means no gesture detection or pre-canned animations, the player’s interaction with the skateboard feels natural, driven completely by the physics system. We are constantly surprised as players figure out how to perform all kinds of tricks we never considered possible including some crazy freestyle edits.

True Skate is hard! The controls are simple enough that a 4 year old can have fun swiping the screen, but just like real world skateboarding TRUE SKATE takes practice, progression, dedication and even then can never truly be mastered! 

Skateboarding is hard, there is no 100% guarantee you can pull off your best trick, let alone trying to master the endless list of tricks and variations.

Consequently, there is not much that can match the intensity, in real life skateboarding, of finally learning a trick for the first time after so many repeated failures and near misses. The goal in developing True Skate was to deliver some of that feeling to the game.

Players may feel the same frustrations of real life beginners, amateurs and even Pros but, but that is the point, and at the same time, they just might also learn real skateboarding physics and how real tricks are performed. Real world skateboarders are always learning, progressing and innovating.

Players increase their skill in True Skate by getting a feeling for the physics, rather than learning gestures. At the end, the possibilities are endless and there is no limit, players will be bound only by imagination and creativity. 

True Axis’ character animation system uses procedural animation to blend real world character motion capture animations to match any kind of trick players can think of. 

Procedural animation is used to automatically generate animation in real time via True Axis unified physics system to allow for a more diverse series of actions than could otherwise be created using any kind of gesture detection or pre-canned animations, giving players the closest experience possible to the real skateboarding feeling.

The lack of any kind of limitation on what the player is able to do at any time makes the animation system very technically challenging to implement, it is beyond just blending between a couple of pre-canned animations, as the feet have to react instantly to every swipe at any time. It also means you can look bad while you are skating, but just like real world skateboarding it takes some skill to skate with style.

Any type of trick is possible in True Skate, all in real time, if you can dream it you can do it!

True Skate has been the ultimate skateboarding sim to have in your pocket, since 2012, and play anytime, anywhere.

Touch screens players have been experiencing natural skateboarding control using 2 fingers, 2 thumbs or even 1 finger or a thumb and now players can experience true skateboarding control via a Bluetooth connected Gamepad!

Additionally, as True Skate evolves to any screen possible Apple users can now connect their device to a TV via HDMI cable or via Apple TV or AirPlay compatible smart TVs, and experience True Skate in landscape mode with a full character/skateboarder for the first time. Please note Android players, landscape mode is coming soon.

The Berrics is proud to have been featured as a map in this addictive game; check out one of our previous True Skate videos, below:

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