Two Skateboarders Rescued Drowning Man In Ireland

Two Skateboarders Rescued Drowning Man In Ireland

Damien Conlon (left) and Shaun Guiden. Photo courtesy The Independent.

As skateboarders, we have all developed a lot of super useful skills that can help us in non-skate situations. Like, how to take a slam; being ultra-aware of your surroundings; and—of course—how to administer first aid. A couple of skateboarders used those skills (and more) last Thursday when they saved a man who fell into the River Boyne in Drogheda, Ireland.

17-year-old Shaun Guiden and 20-year-old Damien Conlon saw the guy fall backwards over the wall when he was trying to take a photo; he landed on some rocks and the two skaters sprang into action, according to The Independent.

“We skateboard at the park most nights but about 7pm last Thursday, we saw a man walking along the park,” Conlon said when he was interviewed by Louise Walsh this week. “He turned to take a picture but when he stepped back, the ground was unstable and he fell backwards over the wall.” The injured man tried to get up but kept slipping on moss until he was in the river. Conlon jumped down there to rescue him while Guiden called for an ambulance.

The whole thing happened so fast, but skaters are good at thinking on their feet (haha). The man is expected to make a full recovery, and as for Conlon and Guiden: They are urging the local government to install a railing to prevent these sorts of accidents in the future… preferably a knee-high round rail—and it’s important that the rail be perfectly smooth without any bumps or “knobs” on it. You know, for safety.

But in all seriousness, we gotta give it up for Conlon and Guiden. You guys literally saved a life!

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