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WORDS: Stu Gomez / ART: Eric McHenry

In a year when hype for one video drowned out everything else, Tyshawn Jones‘s clips in Supreme’s BLESSED lived up to the chatter. And then some.

And after the acclaimed full-length came out, he still had one more trick up his sleeve—a trick that he did over a trash can in the quick follow-up edit, “KILLER,” released in November. Jones’s nollie flip was the trick to beat last year, and whether anyone even came close is still up for debate.

Besides Jones’s pure video gold for Supreme (he’s become Robert De Niro to Strobeck’s Martin Scorcese), he also produced one of 2018’s most rewatchable viral clips. Here’s the Insta caption, which you’ll recognize immediately:

“Traffic traffic looking for my chapstick.”

Only Jones, someone with impeccable street cred, could quote the comedy Malibu’s Most Wanted and not catch any flak for it. The movie is about B-Rad, a white kid from Malibu, California, who badly wants to be hood. Except he learns that the streets will chew you up and spit you out. Jones demonstrates how comfortable he feels on the literal street by skating against NYC traffic and boardsliding a wheel loader truck in an intersection.

Be rad.

Vote for Tyshawn Jones as your Populist on January 15.

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