THE ORIGIN OF ‘CHERRY’ — How Supreme’s First Video Happened

In 2014, Supreme released cherry—it’s first full-length skate video. cherry was also William Strobeck’s directorial Debut. He had previously worked on projects for Alien Workshop, Quicksilver, and other brands. Birthed in 1993, Supreme already had a cult-like following. But cherry recemented Supreme as a skate brand after it’s long-standing appropriation by the fashion world. Featuring clips from Tyshawn Jones, Na-Kel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, and more, cherry showcased Supreme’s new generation alongside the veteran riders who had been the faces of the brand for years. This videowas certainly the right thing at the right time for all parties involved. That fact makes you wonder how it even came to be in the first place. Why create the first video 21 years after the brand was created? Tyshawn Jones gives insight into this when recalling the first time he met Strobeck during his new interview with Monster Children.

“I do actually, (laughs). It was at Supreme, because we had to go film for this short clip called buddy. I don’t know how he got my number, but he texted saying, “Yo, we gotta film this thing.” We skated for two days and it got a lot of hits when it came out. Supreme liked the feedback so much that it lead to cherry.”

Head over to Monster Children to check out the full interview with Tyshawn. You can watch buddy—the 2012 web clip that started it all—above.

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