Tyson Bowerbank Is Pro For Almost


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Tyson Bowerbank announced this morning that he is now pro for Almost! Here’s what he had to say about the momentous occasion:

“Trying to put a lifetime of thoughts into one caption is hard. I can’t express how happy I am right now. Thank you first and foremost to my parents for supporting this dream of mine since I was 6 years old. They did everything in their power to make sure I was happy and taken care of, and that I got where I needed to be in order to achieve this goal. Also, thank you to the people closest to me that have been right by my side the past few years through some very tough times. I can’t be more grateful or ask for better friends. My dawgs know who they are, love you guys!”

Bowerbank has been working with The Berrics since 2016, the year when he was Recruited. Since then he has filmed a bunch of projects with us, including BATB. Watch a handful of these videos, below:

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