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Union Skateboards Shares ‘ОНИ’ Full-Length Video

“Fuck politics we are skateboarders.” That was the sentence that stuck out the most to us in the email we received about the incredible full length video from Moscow’s Union Skateboards and truer words have never been spoken. With so much conflict going on in the world it’s refreshing, inspiring, and downright uplifting to see skaters take the high road and pursue their passions with community and respect. That’s what this video is all about. Fittingly named, ‘ОНИ’, which translates to ‘they’ (as in the plural of all skateboarders), Union wanted to spread the message that we aren’t defined by politics, religion, region, flags, creed or race, we are defined by our love for skateboarding. And that’s a message we can all get behind. The video features quite a few faces we’ve previously had our eyes on including Kostya Kabanov, Egor Kaldikov, Valera Doganadze, Ksenia Maricheva, and Pasha Tretyakov, as well as Grisha Chepelev, Dima Dvoynishnikov, Misha Mazhega, Dima Tishenko, Savva Vostokov, Sima Illarionov, and many more.

Check out Union Skateboard’s full length video OHN, filmed and edited by Andrey Yanes, above! Check out some of our projects with Union riders that we’ve worked on over the years, below!

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