Vague Premieres ‘Hot Plate’ Full-Length’s NYC Section

The U.K.’s Vague magazine takes an up north trip with its latest premiere from Marshall Nicholson’s full-length Hot Plate, filmed primarily on the East Coast. Hot Plate’s ‘Northern Friends’ section includes skaters from Hopps, Traffic, Magenta, and Theories of Atlantis affiliates, all filmed in New York, Baltimore, and some Floridian spots. Watch the section, featuring John Baragwanath, James Sayres, Jahmal Williams, Dustin Eggeling, Mike Wine, James Coleman, Leo Valls, Chris Thiessen, Pat Hoblin, Danny Renaud, Kevin Coakley, Zach Lyons, Colin Read, Jimmy Lannon, George Hanuschak, Pat Steiner, Jason Spivey, Sam Shuman, Willy Stackas, Zach Dykes, Chris Teta, Dave Caddo, Steve Brandi, Matt Town, Marty Murawski, and Taylor Nawrocki, above!

The full video also features parts from Jimmy Lannon, Mike Lent, James Coleman, Brandon Knowles, Josh Miller, Logan Lewis and Takahiro Morita. For more information, read Nicholson’s interview at the Vague site.

Check out some of The Berrics’ projects in New York, below:

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