‘Vague Mag’ Premieres Scumco & Sons Latest Video ‘Upstate NY’

Premiered this morning at the Vague site, Scumco & Sons‘ latest video is a magical New England trek which takes Kevin Taylor, Kyle Nicholson, Dave Abair, Ty Beall, Josh Narvaez, and Javi Gutiérrez on a criss-crossing journey from Pennsylvania to New York and back again. Filmed by Eric Calfo and edited by Nick Teodori, ‘Upstate NY’ is full of history. Photographer Grant Halleran actually shares an interesting tidbit about the region’s proliferation of flatbars, below:

“Damn near every parking lot in Rochester, New York, has a flatbar around the perimeter. In the mid-19th century, there was a race to find the technology to extrude steel alloy in long sections without defects,” Halleran says. “In 1859, Phil Somers—founder and CEO of Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal in Rochester—claimed that he was abducted by aliens who supplied him with the information that his company was missing. Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal would go on to become an integral supplier for the first transcontinental railroad, the First World War, and lo and behold—the Rochester Bureau of Parking. Rochester, New York, is the home of the flatbar.”

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