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Vague Mag Shares INBOUND+81 Part from Tightbooth’s LENZ III Video

With most of the parts from Tightbooth‘s latest full-length video floating around online already, Vague Mag has premiered the [ 11: INBOUND+81 ] part from ‘LENZ III’. Starring Casey Foley, Louie Dodd, Chris Jones, Connor Kammerer, Shane Powell, Roddie, Jesse Narvaez, Pat Hoblin, Jameel Douglas, Roger Krebs, Brandon Nguyen, Mark Suciu and Ben Koppl.  Filmed by Shingo Ogura, Naoya Morohashi, Shinpei Ueno, Miguel Angel Caravantes and Ryan Flores. Watch the edit above, pick up the full DVD of Tightbooth’s LENZIII here!

Filmed By: Shingo OguraNaoya MorohashiShinpei Ueno, Miguel Angel Caravantes + Ryan Flores

Edited By: Shinpei Ueno

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