‘Vague’ Premieres Orwellian World Landscape’s ‘Double Yellow Lines’

Vague Mag has premiered a slice of Brighton, UK’s rugged scene in Orwellian World Landscape’s ‘Double Yellow Lines.’ (Two yellow lines in a George Orwell novel means, essentially, Don’t cross Big Brother—he’s watching you.) The VX edit features Ash Humphrey, Rupert-Rose Antoine, Henry Bailey, Ellis Gardiner, Harrison Woolgar, James Griffiths, Jim Silver, Franky Darby, Zane Crowther, and Dougie George, and was filmed and edited by Al Hodgson.

Hodgson says: “We spent the latter half of 2019 following the yellow lines around this small city and tackling the rough, cracked, and unforgiving spots it had to offer.”

For more info, visit the Orwellian World Landscape shoppe, because Big Brother… oh you already know what it is. (Shouldn’t everything in the Orwellian shoppe be £19.84?)

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