‘Vague’ Premieres Wernside DIY Invitational Jam Video

The U.K.’s Vague magazine has released the edit of the Wernside DIY Invitational skate jam, to raise money for the spot. The video features ncluding Paul Watson, Albie Edmonds, T-Bone, Blinky, Jono Coote, Adam Jefferson, Dave Tyson, Nicole Littlewood, Martyn Hill, Jess Melia-Hill, Ian Blackburn, Harry Townend, Tom Wade, Aiden Blaymire, Laurie O’Hara and Tom Brown. Visit the Vague site for more info on how to support this DIY.

Here at The Berrics, we’re no strangers to DIY builds (hell, we’re the epitome of Do-It-Yourself). Watch a handful of our videos featuring some of the best that low key, renegade building efforts have to offer:

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