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Vans Europe Presents ‘Once More’

Vans Europe presents “Once More,” a skateboarding video that beautifully captures the concept of repetition in skateboarding. The phrase “once more” signifies the unyielding determination skaters have to explore new spots, countlessly attempting tricks until they achieve victory, and pushing themselves to give it “one last try.” Shot over the span of a year in the vibrant cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, “Once More” embraces the spirit of the Greek skateboarding community against the backdrop of historic urban landscapes. Featuring an impressive lineup of Vans Riders, including Alex Tsagalidis, Asimina Manouskou, Dennis Skamnas, Dimitris Kaberis, Giorgio Zavos, Nikolas Konstadakis, Notis Aggelis, Thanasis Arabouli, Thanos Panou, and Tony Josephides, the edit leaves you with the urge to hit replay and watch it ‘once more.’

Watch Vans Europe’s ‘ONCE MORE’, by Kostas Mandilas, above, and check out our 5 part documentary series on VANS, below!

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