Vans’ Jeff Grosso Sends ‘Love Note’ To… Copers?!?

VansJeff Grosso recently started pumping out weekly “Love Notes,” to complement his full-length episodes of “Loveletters To Skateboarding.” So far, Grosso’s topics have been worthy of praise—bite-size nuggets of appreciation for trailblazing skaters like Natas Kaupas and Ray Rodriguez—but the episode that aired today is counterintuitive, to say the least. Join us as we show some love for copers.

Pretty much derided as plastic junk fit only for training grinds, copers were actually instrumental in pioneering grinds because, as Grosso says, “There was no Salba sauce back then.” (Fair enough—you could say the future was made possible by plastic.) This is a great example of the great service Grosso is providing in skateboarding with his “Loveletters” and “Love Notes” series: reliable revisionist history that gives credit where credit is due.

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