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Vans’ ‘Loveletters To Skateboarding’ Highlights Neil Blender’s Journalism

This year, Transworld Skateboarding ceased print production, ending a decades-long legacy of influential photography and writing. Hollywood’s Six Stair—producer of Vans’ “Loveletters To Skateboarding”—doesn’t want all that history to be forgotten, so the studio has been diligently scanning every single page of TWS for posterity. Ten years, and thousands of pages, have officially been digitally stored. They sure don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

In Jeff Grosso‘s latest episode of “Loveletters,” he brings some much-needed attention to the idiosyncratic talents of Neil Blender. His “Aggro Zone” column featured a mix of Blender’s own photography and writing (a diverse mix of captions, interviews, and short stories), which in its own way inspired a generation of thinking skateboarders. (Grosso himself admits to stealing a whole “Aggro Zone” story for a school project.) If you don’t know, now you know…

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