Vans Releases Samuel Norgren’s ‘6 1/2 Hours’ Video

Vans Scandinavia released its latest video this morning, ‘6 ½ Hours,’ featuring Copenhagen/Malmö-based rider, Samuel Norgren. The title is a reference to the approximative duration of one day in his neck of the woods at this time of the year: Most days are rainy; temperatures rarely exceed 0°C; and the sun (you know, what they call a UFO in Scandinavia) sets around 3:30 PM. But when you gotta skate, you gotta skate!

Norgren traveled south to France for this edit, skating Bordeaux with fellow team riders Quentin Boillon and Gary Beesley. Watch the video, by Yentl Touboul, above…

…And then check out our selection of Vans gear in The Canteen here.

Six years ago we produced the 5-part ‘EST’ documentary series on Vans, released around the time of Propeller. Watch it below!

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