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Vans Skate Presents a Portrait on Zion Wright: “We’re From Here”

Zion Wright is a truly unique skateboarder. Known for his ability to fearlessly skate any terrain, Zion makes everything he does on a skateboard look easy and he clearly has a blast doing it, as his “ALL FUN!” Instagram bio simply says. This comes across in volumes in the latest Vans Skateboarding short film project titled “We’re From Here.” The portrait piece takes us on a stroll down memory lane and shares intimate details from his childhood and some inspirational words from his family and friends in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida.

Take a closer look into Zion Wright’s life in “We’re From Here”, filmed by TJ Gaskill and Greg Hunt, above!

Zion has worked with The Berrics on numerous projects over the years, including his introductory Next New Wave part, a very gnarly Battle Scars (ouch), and an outstanding Recruit. Watch a handful of these videos below:

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