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Vans Skate Turkey Shares ‘Sunday Summaries’

Vans Turkey drops “Sunday Summaries,” an epic video featuring their Turkish Skateboarding team exploring Istanbul’s renowned and hidden skate spots during the pandemic. From Taksim Square to Moda, they conquer every obstacle and provide an authentic glimpse into Istanbul’s vibrant skate scene. Featuring Ali Osman Ensar, Cenk Kulioğlu, Furkan Kaplan, Kerem Şahinoğlu, with guest tricks from Eray Şahin and Emre Töre. Filmed by Yiğit Akbıyık, Nuri Yılmazer, and Tunahan Keskin and edited by Yiğit Akbıyık and Nuri Yılmazer. Watch Vans Skate ‘Sunday Summaries’, above!

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