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The 2018 Venice Lyon Slappy Challenge went down last weekend, and the world’s most spectacular double-sided curb got quite a workout. Free Skate Mag covered the event—sponsored by Nike SB, Film Trucks, Wall Street Skateshop, and ABS Lyon—which spanned two days and introduced a brand new obstacle to the celebration: a deadly pole jam with a cobblestone landing… a bumpy ride, to say the least. But not too bumpy for Jarne Verbruggen to roll away from a gorgeous switch front three pole jam.

Expectations are now pretty high for next year’s low-key Slappy Challenge. Read the full story at Free Skate Mag.

Here are the results:

Longest slide: Vincent Milou

Longest grind: Theo Moga

Best trick on the ‘death gap’: Adrien Coillard’s nose slide shuv boardslide

Best trick on the kicker: Deedz’s blunt to backlip, Heitor’s blunt 270 shuv, and whatever sorcery that Bastien Marlin did

Best slam: Simon aka Don Simonelli

Best outfit: Enzo.

Local hero: Vincent Jugnet

Prix du Jury: Mickael Germond

Overall winners:

  1. 1: Deedz
  2. 2: Bastien Marlin
  3. 3: Jarne Verbruggen
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