VHS – KEITH HUFNAGEL — Real Skateboards – Real to Reel – 2001

One of the originators of good pop (ollies, not soda), Keith Hufnagel was getting high (ollies, not drugs) even back in 2001. And in honor of the king of pop (ollies, not Michael Jackson), we’ve teamed up with IVI to give you a chance to win a pair of Keith Hufnagel’s signature sunglasses. To enter to win is pretty simple, grab your skateboard, your phone, and a friend to take a picture… and just ollie something, anything really. Upload that picture to Instagram and give it the hashtag #IVIolliepop. Huf will go through all the images and pick his 5 favorite ollie pics to score a pair of his signature sunglasses, The Standard.

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