VHS – JEREMY KLEIN — World Industries – Rubbish Heap – 1989

The guys in the office were going to put up some of my old parts for this week’s VHS selections but when I caught wind of it I said I’d rather put up someone’s part that inspired me when I was younger. I’ve had many heroes throughout my years of skateboarding. There were the local ones combined with the ones I saw in videos and magazines. There were my contemporaries and then there were the guys who came in after I was pro. My two earliest heroes, guys I looked up to more than anything for the things they were doing were Bucky Lasek and Jeremy Klein. They had style, they had tricks, they rode for rad companies and just seemed like guys I would like to be friends with. As I kept getting better, and things progressed for me beyond the Nebraska borders I was living in at the time, I had the opportunity to become friends with most of my heroes of skateboarding, past and present. These were two skateboarders who inspired me in my early years to just be whatever it was that I was going to be. I tried to skate like them, I tried to look like, act, walk and talk like that at one point in my life until I was comfortable enough to just be friends with them. Today is my birthday. I don’t know if it means much to you or anyone you know and I don’t know if it means much to me besides the fact that I’m getting older, but I wanted to share with you two people’s video parts that pretty much meant the world to me when I was younger. Two people I still have an immense amount of love and respect for to this day. There are dozens of skaters out there that meant a lot to me, but these two were the top of the heap. I know when you watch this, depending on who you are, that these parts may not give you the same thing they gave me, but just know that without these two guys right here, there would be no Berrics. Thank you so much for the love and support. I hope to have an impact on your lives the way these two skaters did on mine. – sb

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