VHS – Kerry Getz — DVS – Skate More

I always liked filming and skating with Kerry. First off, he’s an all-terrain ripper so no matter what type of spot we ended up at, he’d always try to get something and that made my job easier. He’s also not the complete hothead that he appears to be in his video parts. That’s not to say that his freakouts, meltdowns, and screaming weren’t real, but he was always good about leaving his anger at the spot; he didn’t carry that frustration with him once the session was over. In fact, Kerry doesn’t take things too serious and knows how to have a good laugh. His song for this video part was a reflection of that and was inspired by his love for the film Napoleon Dynamite. Even though I only got to film about 30% of his part—since he lived in Philly and I lived in LA—the times we did get to film were memorable ones. Little known fact about his part: the very first clip I filmed while working for DVS to make Skate More was Kerry’s line at Whittier College with the two sets of 5 and then the 10-stair rail. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Kerry! —Colin Kennedy

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