Watch Vans Europe’s ‘Buona Compagnia’ Video Here

Vans’ European skate team presents their latest video filmed over the summer, focusing on the Italian marble plentiful throughout Milan and the Swiss/Italian border. (Vans is playing for all the marble with this one.) Watch ‘Buono Compagnia’—featuring Chris Pfanner, Mattia Turco, Marco Kada, Rob Maatman, Schianta Lepori, Willow Voges Fernandes, Martino Cattaneo, Helena Long, Andrea Carugo, Victor Pellegrin, Samuel Norgren, Albert Nyberg, Flo Marfaing, Sergio Reinhardt, Aurora Steri, and Miriam Marino—above!

…And then check out our selection of Vans gear in The Canteen here.

Six years ago we produced the Vans documentary to end all Vans documentaries with our 5-part EST series. Watch it below!

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