The guys at the Village Psychic site published a sick video highlighting the oddly skateable/highly appealing designs of modern-day playgrounds. The old school cat litter-pit jungle gyms and monkey bars of yesteryear have made way for squishy waves of metal and plastic—like a dry water park.

The video, by Michael Breitmaier, is called “Big Kids” because really that’s what we all are. All these playgrounds of the future share one quality: they’ve been “child-proofed” within an inch of actual fun, making it a struggle to actually skate on. Breitmaier talks about how his crew adapted to this in the Village Psychic article:

“After some experimentation, my friends and I figured out that going fast and powering through the seemingly too-soft-to-skate surface sometimes yielded results. For the most unskateable of these locations, we went during the winter, after the cold had a chance to harden the foam so our wheels didn’t sink in as much. Plus, nobody is around on a 30-degree day.” Kids today, am I right?

Additional filming by Daniel Frank and Taryn Ward. Featuring skating by Michael Faller, Michael Breitmaier, Daniel Frank, Ben Snawder, Andrew Bawhintimer, Japhey Dow, Dane Varalli, and Anthony Ferrari.

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