Volcom Debuts CJ Collins’s ‘Liberation Cont’d’ Collection With Fascinating 2-Part Documentary

Volcom took a unique approach with their release of CJ Collins‘s debut collection, Liberation Cont’d. Instead of a simple “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” ATV Collins part—which would have been just fine with us—the brand embarked on a cross-promotional adventure in the high desert, with Volcom VP of skateboarding Remy Stratton’s vintage Toyota 4Runner serving as the catalyst on the journey.

Inspired by Collins’s home terrain of Victorville, California, Stratton was determined to focus on the type of gritty, pre-dawn of civilization landscape that the Toy Machine pro grew up with; getting there was the 4Runner’s job. Being the marketing genius that he is, Stratton reached out to auto shops and fabricators in the area to get involved with the project, and before he knew it this little mission was chugging along like a well-oiled V6.

Volcom were early supporters of The Berrics, and have worked on dozens of projects with us. Check out some of the videos, including the brand’s United Nations and the Wild In The Parks series, along with CJ Collins’s ‘Truly Off Road’ backstory—narrated by Stratton—below:

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