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Volcom Premieres ‘VIRGIN MOJITO’

Let’s face it… There are more people skateboarding than ever before. With near 85 million active skaters around the world, and roughly 75% of them under the age of 18, it’s no surprise that the next generation of skateboarders are changing the game with the level of progression that they’re building on. The latest display of youthful domination comes to us from Paris, France as the Volcom Skate youth team stacks clip after clip in The City of Love for Volcom‘s VIRGIN MOJITO video. Ride along with up-and-coming whippersnappers Pacal Texeira, Kristen Billon, Noah de Jaeger, Lucien Gourdal, and Vitus Silas Sondrup, as they show you why they all have bright future in skateboarding.

Watch VIRGIN MOJITO, filmed by Thomas Courteille and hristian Vankelst, above, and check out some of our work with Volcom, below!

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