Volcom Hits The Road In ‘Que Saguaro’ Video

When Volcom goes on a road trip, they do it right. The brand’s latest video, ‘Que Saguaro’ (…um, what a giant cactus?), aired this morning featuring one of the most diverse, hard-charging teams to ever Jenga their stuff in the back of the van: Milton Martinez, Collin Provost, Omar Hassan, Mathias Torres, Alec Majerus, Simon Bannerot, CJ Collins, Peter Hewitt, and head honcho Remy Stratton. (These guys are a mobile cacti appreciation society.) Check out the video, spanning several states and two weeks, above.

Volcom were early supporters of The Berrics, and have worked on dozens of projects with us. Check out some of the videos, including the brand’s Wild In The Parks series, below:

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